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Dog Eating Dog Food


  • Short stay (daily) and long term boarding.

  • Several dog run sizes. 

  • Play yard for dogs w/ Pet Turf. Dogs are let out several times a day!

  • Separate room for cats to reduce stress level while boarding.

  • Veterinary care available while boarding. We can medicate, bathe, and provide treatments as needed.

CATS- private cat room (no dogs allowed) w/ time outside of cage                $15.00


DOG CAGE- ideal for exercise restricted or elderly dogs                                                            $17.50


3x5 DOG RUN- ideal for small-medium dogs or multiple small dogs                               $20.00


4X6 DOG RUN- ideal for medium-large dogs or multiple dogs.                                         $25.00


5X7 DOG RUN- ideal for x-large dogs or multiple medium-large dogs                               $30.00

Multiple dogs--> Second dog in run will be charged half price (2 dogs in a 3x5 would total $30/night). Third dog in same run is free. 

***We do our absolute best to keep dogs together as requested! BUT, we do reserve the right to separate dogs at our discretion. If your dogs decide they don't prefer to stay with their housemate (i.e. fight or show ANY aggression), we are obligated to separate them for the rest of their stay.***

**All prices are per night. Pick up/drop off during business hours only.



1. Current on vaccinations. We recommend the kennel cough [Bordetella] vaccine 2 weeks prior to boarding, but realize this isn't always possible.


2. Current fecal exam on all dogs. We share a dog yard and don't want to share parasites!


3. We gladly provide beds, blankets, food/water bowls, and toys as needed. But, you are more than welcome to bring your own! 


4. We feed a gastrointestinal friendly diet (Hill's Sensitive Stomach) to our boarders. IF you want your pet to remain on their normal food while boarding, please provide us with enough for while you're gone. Same with treats. We have our own but can give yours if requested! 

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